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Your vehicle repair process from start to finish:

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Flexible solutions are available to schedule your vehicle repair(s) with us. Remember to notify your Ideal Claims Specialist if you need towing or rental vehicle assistance.

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Vehicle damages will be assessed and photos will be taken. An Ideal Claims Specialist will review your police report, insurance documents, along with other pertinent information and begin your claim. Our experts will review your case and formulate a plan to fight to win the liabilities in your favor. If you are in need of a rental vehicle, we will help arrange it as well.

Our estimator work with our technicians to disassemble your vehicle to assess internal damages. Supplemental repairs (if required) will be submitted to your insurance carrier for review. We will plan your entire repair process to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.

When your insurance carrier approves your claim, you will receive a call to get updates on the status of your claim and repair. You can also view the status of your repair anytime by clicking below.

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Depending on your repair, our technicians are trained to always fix from the inside out to ensure all internal parts are functional and properly aligned prior to assembling the exterior components. A body foreman will inspect the repairs for quality assurance prior to moving your vehicle to the next stage.

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Our painters follow a stringent paint process to get that “showroom” finish on your damaged vehicle. Our state-of-the-art facility and equipment allow the paint colors to be computer-formulated. The parts are then painted in our temperature and humidity-controlled spray booth, which also eliminates dust and other contaminants, resulting in a perfect finish.

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Like a jigsaw puzzle, our technicians gather the end-products of the body repair and painting processes for the final assembly on your vehicle.

This is the most important part as we work to ensure the highest standard of quality are met to mitigate the likelihood of unnecessary returns for rework. Our shop manager conducts a final visual and test-drive inspection for quality assurance.

Once your vehicle repair is complete, our detailers begin their work to ensure proper detailing procedures are followed so that the new paint remains in the best condition. Your vehicle’s interior and exterior will be thoroughly cleaned, detailed, polished, and disinfected prior to final delivery. Once complete, you will be contacted to make pick-up or drop-off arrangements.

Congratulations, your vehicle is ready! Our shop manager will review and inspect your vehicle with you to ensure satisfaction and process your rental car return (if applicable). Delivery paperwork will be reviewed and processed with you. Remember, the repairs on your vehicle are backed by your Ideal Lifetime Warranty.

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